Chinese Curry Paste

Hong Kong Sweet & Sour Sauce

Chinese Satay Sauce

Honey Chilli Sauce

Spicy Black Bean Sauce

Chinese BBQ Marinate & Dipping sauce

100% Gluten Free Chinese Gravy Paste

Chinese Curry Sauce

Peking Sweet & Sour Sauce

Smoked Sweet Chilli Sauce

Salt & Pepper Corn Chilli Spices Mix

Dam Dam Sauce

Southern Fried Chicken Gravy Paste

100% Gluten Free Chinese Curry Paste

Teriyaki Soy Sauce / Korean BBQ Sauce / Teriyaki Soy Glaze

All of our range is available in 4 Litre Catering Tubs. We supply for Catering, Resale and bulk buy wholesale. Please get in touch for more details.