My name is Chi Keung Ng (CK). My culinary journey began at fourteen when I started a cooking apprenticeship at Jade Garden, a renowned restaurant owned by Maxim in Hong Kong. After four years of training there, I moved to the UK in 1982 to continue my studies in East London while also carrying on my advance training in Chinese cuisine.

In 1985, I moved to Northern Ireland where I worked and studied. At 24, I opened my first Chinese Takeaway, followed by three more takeaways and two restaurants over the next decade, all of which proved very successful. With 44 years in the catering industry, including 30 years running my own businesses, I've gained extensive experience and knowledge in various cuisines such as Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and European...

Our Range

  1. Chinese Curry Paste
  2. Chinese Curry Sauce
  3. Hong Kong Sweet & Sour Sauce
  4. Peking Sweet & Sour Sauce
  5. Chinese Satay Sauce
  6. Smoked Sweet Chilli Sauce
  7. Honey Chilli Sauce
  8. Dam Dam Sauce (best for fried rice & noodles)
  9. Spicy Black Bean Sauce
  10. Salt & Pepper Corn Chilli Spices Mix
  11. Chinese BBQ Marinate & Dipping sauce
  12. 100% Gluten Free Chinese Curry Paste
  13. 100% Gluten Free Gravy Paste
  14. Teriyaki Soy Glaze
  15. Teriyaki Soy Sauce
  16. Korean BBQ Sauce 
  17. Southern Fried Chicken Gravy Paste

All of our sauces are 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
No Animal Stock is used in any of our sauces.


I have put together some videos to show you how to use Wai Mai Sauces to get that Authentic Chinese Meal in your own home

Simply follow the simple steps in the videos for delicious food everytime.

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